How to support us                                 

For sponsors and friends of art

We have already presented the basic goals of the REART Management agency on the introduction to this website. We are speaking about the production of specialised cultural programmes aimed at strengthening and propagating the national culture and the literacy of all levels of our population. We are very pleased by your interest in our work and in information about the individual projects we are preparing, which we will be glad to present to you in more detail. If you decide to support our activity by means of a financial contribution, you will be supporting not only artistic activity, but also the spiritual and moral values and principles on which Czech society functions, artists of all age groups in many fields, and the cultural events in our society which are so necessary. On our side it is clear that our projects focus mainly on classical disciplines and interpretation, in combination with contents and venues that make use of human technical progress in the 21st century.

We welcome support from individual donors and sponsors, from commercial companies, and from foundations.

The form and amount of your financial support is entirely up to you. Whether large or small, it will always contribute in a significant way to the realisation of an entire project, so that it does not remain simply an empty idea.

In order to ensure its continuation in the future, it is open to support for all its supporters.
In case of your interest, please fill in and submit your donation contract or direct your donation to the agency account number: (CZK): 2800621760 / 2010. Your gift is a tax deductible item.

Thank you in advance for your kind support.