Czech Art Agency

Our Motto "I think that civilization is not good if it is without culture. To be happy and satisfied, a person needs not only physical comfort, but also mental comfort. Culture and civilization must go hand in hand."      Jan Werich

The Czech art agency REART Management was set up because of the need to make better use of the potential of the high concentration of historical monuments and the rich cultural heritage of the Czech Republic. A large number of historical sites still exist which are insufficiently used for the provision of services in the cultural field. The aim of the REART agency is to create, independently or in cooperation with other experts, specialised programmes, performances, and works to protect, identify, present, and inform about historical buildings and other forms of cultural heritage, including historical residences, cultural landscapes, garden art, and landscape architecture. An integral part of these artistic productions is the introduction of contemporary modern progressive technical forms, such as videomapping or information and communication digital technologies, which help promote the cultural heritage - language, literature, music, dance, theatre, architecture, visual art, folk tradition, and historical, philosophical, and aesthetic reflection.

The ability to put across a high-quality artistic message consists in the creation of an ethical and moral value system and the adherence to its principles, which is an essential precondition for the proper functioning of the entire society. REART Management, through its cooperation with other specialist organisations, helps to prevent a decline in standards of education and literacy, understood in a broad sense.