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                                                          Wind quintet and piano

REART management introduces you to Francisextet, which was formed in summer 2014 purely as a student group, but from time to time it is changing, as some of its members become professional musicians with a university degree in music. The foundations of his birth were built by friendship between the members and the love they all have for 20th century music. Francisextet is made up of five-sixths of former or still present members of the Conservatory of České Budějovice, but professional and educational duties scattered all members of the ensemble throughout the Czech Republic

In three years Francisextet has gained several successes; in 2015 he became the absolute winner of the Concerto Bohemia 2015 radio competition; later he performed at the International Festival Úštěk 2017. In December 2017 he had his own evening as part of the concert cycle of the Brno Ensemble Opera Diversa. In 2019 Francisextet performed at the international music festival Třeboňská nocturna. The ensemble also performed twice in the chamber cycles of the South Bohemian Philharmonic Orchestra.

Francisextet focuses largely on the interpretation of 20th century music created in the francophone space, but also seeks to stimulate contemporary Czech composers by creating compositions specifically for this ensemble. Among the authors who dedicated their works to Francisextet are Jan Meisl (Annus Mirabilis - 2015), Sylvie Bodorová (Danza del diavolo - 2017), Jaroslav Pelikan (White Mountain - 2017) and Miloš Štědroň (Pour rien- 2017). The ensemble's repertoire includes Francis Poulenc, Leo Smit, Joseph Jongen, Jean Françaix, Igor Stravinsky, Maurice Ravel, as well as Gabriel Fauré and Antonín Dvořák.