Mgr. PATRIK ČERVÁK (1992, České Budějovice), together with the grammar school, studied at the Conservatory in České Budějovice, majoring in piano and clarinet. Currently, he is a student of the first year of doctoral studies at Masaryk University, majoring in musicology, and a student of the third year of bachelor studies at the Music Faculty of JAMU, conducting an orchestra in the MgA class. Jakub Klecker. In the role of clarinetist in 2009 he placed 2nd in the national round of the Music School competition, in 2010 he won the national round of the Music School competition in chamber music, in 2011 he performed as a soloist with the South Bohemian Philharmonic Orchestra and a year later. at the Conservatory Competition. As a pianist of the Francisextet ensemble (wind quintet and piano) he performed not only at home (Smetana's Litomyšl, IMF Český Krumlov, IMF Úštěk), but also in Austria, Germany or France. He has also worked as a pianist with the Husa na provázku theater, since 2016 he has been an external pianist of the Brno Philharmonic, and in autumn 2018 he participated in the musical staging of Falstaff and Neznámá at the Janáček Brno International Music Festival. Since 2017 he has been presenting music to the public at special concerts / lectures of the 20th century. From 2015 to spring 2018 he also wrote criticism; first for the Brno internet portal Brno - City of Music, then for the internet monthly MUSICOLOGICA and his latest articles published on the internet portal Opera plus. Between 2015 and 2018 he held the position of bandmaster of the Temelín Brass Orchestra; He has performed as a conductor with the South Bohemian Philharmonic Orchestra, the String Orchestra in Český Krumlov, the Janáček Academic Orchestra and the Moravian Philharmonic Olomouc.


He was born in 1988 in Znojmo. From his early childhood, he liked music, playing trumpet since he was four. During his studies at the Conservatory in České Budějovice he began teaching at the Elementary Art School in Vodňany. From the student years to the present he is a member of the Spa Orchestra in Trebon. He is also a permanent member of the Písecký chamber orchestra and brass bands South Bohemian Natives and Třeboňská dvanáctka. The biggest hobby besides music is fishing. Martin Kosán was born into a non-musician family in 1988 in Znojmo. Already from his early childhood he was led mainly by his grandfather to folk music. Later, he transferred to Hl. The city of Prague where he was taught by his beloved teacher Stanislav Sejpal. He also studied briefly with Josef Zettl and he also studied with the legendary Miroslav Kejmar. After joining the Conservatory in České Budějovice to the class of Luboš Ferebauer, he began to devote himself to classical music. He has also devoted his whole life to brass music, playing in the bands of South Bohemian Natives, Třeboňská 12 and many others. He also plays solo, especially in the combination of trumpet and organ, has already had many successful concerts throughout the country.


symbolizes the contemporary dynamic rendition of classical music. Her passion for the viola makes audiences take notice of this overlooked instrument, explores fascinating viola literature and inspires composers to write new works of music.Jitka studied at the Pilsen Conservatoire and graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague under the tutelage of doc. Jan Pěruška. After completing her studies, she took her viola play to perfection thanks to the guidance of Italian viola virtuoso Luigi Alberto Bianchi. During her studies, Jitka gained valuable international experience and received several significant awards both as soloist and as chamber music player. A founder member of the Bennewitz quartet, Jitka worked under the guidance of several world-famous quartets - Amadeus Quartet, Alban Berg Quartet, Smetana Quartet, and others. In 1999, she crowned the collaboration with a CD recorded in association with the L. Janáček, H. Krása and Pavel Haas quartets. The high qualities of her chamber music performance make her a frequent guest player in leading Czech quartets - Janáček Quartet, Wihan Quartet, Martinů Quartet, Epoque Quartet, Apollon Quartet. Together with harpist Kateřina Englichová and Luxembourg flautist Carlo Jans, she founded the Bohemia Luxembourg Trio in 2005, giving concerts all over Europe and releasing 2 CDs. Recently, Jitka has expanded the range of her chamber music projects, starting the Grand Duo with Italian violinist Maurizio Sciaretta, and the Pragart Trio with mezzo-soprano Eva Garajová and pianist Ivo Kahánek.Jitka has performed on dozens of recordings and live concerts for Czech and French radio broadcasts. Many viola compositions were played in Czech or world premiere by her. Composers Zdeněk Lukáš, Jiří Teml, Josef Vejvoda, Emil Viklický, Lukáš Hurník, Eduard Douša, Adam Skoumal, Tomaž Svete and Gillaume Connesson dedicated their pieces to her. Jitka releases her CDs on Supraphon, Arco Diva and Multisonic labels.


... He constantly enriches his wide-ranging repertoire by seeking new impetus which enabled him to design programs as from the famous works of world music as from unjustly overlooked composers and compositions always with great response of public (for example - his recital at the festival Musica Iudaica 1997 or the concert project Classic Piano Joke(r)s in 1999) ...

The Czech pianist was the greatest surprise at the competition. Tomas Visek from Prague gave an excellent performance with the amazing sound, which was the reason for the jury to call him a "man-orchestra". Unique musician and extraordinary personality, something as special as his way of playing is neither possible to teach or learn...

(Latvijas Muzikas Informacijas Centras
- after the CMF-Competition in Paris 2013)

"Víšek is an explosive type of an artist who is always fully absorbed in the play. It is almost with an obsession and devilish attitude he is enjoying every twist turn in the plot of the play with the unique touch he moves it into convincing levels with deep absorption. He is unveiling various secrets of the manuscript and the audience was proved to keep them in suspence for a long duration."

Hudební rozhledy
(music magazine)

"I was very happy to see that the first late night concert will be a piano recital given by the great Czech pianist Tomáš Víšek.(...) I have always beeh fascinated by its artist´s lightness and deep knowledge ever present in his platiny. This man does not simply follow the notes on the paper but plays music, he is creating it. He is above all those "well projected notes" and "classicaly clean touch" or on the other hand "romantic singing notes" concerns; his platiny technique is the base above which Víšek virtually floats. And he is supreme. He is of such a class that in spheres which for many others would be unreachable he meets the intention of the composer, and through his fingers transfers it into the hall where people sit and listen. And they are all engrossed by the music that is unfolding for them, like the arms of a beloved person opening to embrace. I think that somewhere here real undestanding of the music and its content happens. He who looks for the correct touch, tempo, dynamic shading between second and third semiquaver still sits on the ground and never takes off, because he never tums hid head upwards to the skies from where the music comes as it does through the hands of T. V., who creates pictures of breathtaking beauty."

Přehled kulturních pořadů v Praze
(Prague Cultural Magazine)